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Anterior Bite Plane

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1.Seat the appliance and adjust for appropriate fit by trimming.
2.Create even stops in ICP
3.Create smooth even guidance in excursions.

Once all of this is complete and the appliance has been polished we allow the patient to practice insertion and removal of the appliance a few times, so they feel confident. Lastly I sit down with them and we go through the post-op instructions. I make sure they are clear, ask if they have any questions about the instructions and finish with a confirmation of their next appointment.

  1. Brush & Floss your teeth and brush the appliance prior to putting it in.
  2. When you first remove the appliance lightly touch your teeth and make a mental note of where they hit first.
  3. Brush and floss your teeth and brush the appliance.
  4. Place the appliance in your case without wrapping or adding moisture.
  5. The appliance is either in your mouth or the case, any place else is a recipe for losing it.
  6. After breakfast bring your teeth together and pay attention to your bite. It should feel like the bite you are familiar with.
  7. Stop wearing the appliance and come in if you develop any increase in pain or new pain you have not had previously.
  8. Stop wearing the appliance and come in if you notice it starts to take longer int he morning before you can find the bite you are familiar with.
  9. Absolutely do not wear the appliance for more than 6-8 hours out of every 24.

In case you are wondering I do not instruct patients on how to tighten the appliance themselves, unless they are wearing them long term, and have come in concerned that they are getting loose.